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Flight Essentials

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photo via Pinterest

I wrote this blog post as I was on a 5 hour layover in the Taipei airport en route to Bali and  just realized I never posted it (#blogfail). So as you're jet-setting this summer, I thought there's no better time than now to share all the stuff I can't fly without (especially for a long 8+ hour flights).

Everyone has their own 'must have' essentials, and I'm always fascinated to hear. What are your flight essentials when you travel? Below are mine...


On flights I always go for comfort over fashion (sorry for everyone that has to see me!). I rarely ever travel in jeans because they're sooo uncomfortable, especially when you need to sleep on a flight. I prefer wearing black yoga pants or sweatpants. I always get cold on flights so I make sure to layer my outfit so I can take off layers in the rare occasion I get too hot. I pair my outfit with tennis shoes or slip-on sneakers that are easy to take on and off when going through security. I also make sure to bring a pair of socks with me in case I want to take my shoes off. And for long flights like this one, I'll pack a pair of compression socks to help my feet from swelling up. 


Not every plane offers a blanket so I like to bring a scarf with me as it doubles as a blanket and an accessory to wear. I recently bought this neck pillow for our Bali trip and it's been so fabulous in helping me sleep without bobbing my head and getting kinks in my neck. That J-neck pillow looks funky but it's so much better than the other neck pillows out there for the support alone.  


I throw everything into one smaller bag (I really like this one and this one). I put my purse, camera, laptop, charging cords, some makeup, snacks, etc in my carry on bag. 


Airplanes are really drying on your skin so you always have to go the extra mile to keep your skin hydrated, all while being under 3 fluid ounces so it passes through security. I use this clear Skin Inc hydration mask and leave it on the whole flight to keep my skin looking dewy with a natural glow once landed.Tip: I put the mask in empty contact container so it fits airport standards and is small enough to throw in my purse. 


I always travel with a few toiletries with me during the flight so that I can freshen up. I keep items these within arms distance during a flight: toothbrush, toothpaste, concealer, bronzer, mascara, hydration mask (for long flights), body lotion, and gum. 

What are your flight essentials when you travel?