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Weekend Recap

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This past weekend was our one year wedding anniversary. Originally we were going to go back to Trentadue Winery, where we got married but decided to stay in the city instead. We celebrated on Saturday because Sundays are usually our relax and chill day before the work week starts. 

On Saturday, I woke up to a sweet letter from Mike with an agenda on what our day looked like: brunch at La Garage in Sausalito, hike to Point Bonita Lighthouse (where we've both been wanting to go!), massages at our favorite little place in Chinatown, back home to watch the Alabama game (Roll Tide!), and then dinner at Cocotte where we sipped on the wine served at our wedding. How perfect! We put our phones away and got to enjoy each other. The day couldn't have been planned any better. We felt so loved by our family and friends that reached out to us on our wedding anniversary. 

If french toast is on the menu....its mine!! 

Hiking with the Golden Gate Bridge

Decided to scale the cliff...

The lighthouse was pretty awesome. You had to go over this bridge (that was shakey!!!). It's only open from 12:30pm-3pm. 

Point Bonita Lighthouse
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