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When's The Last Time You Dreamed?

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I’m happy to report that I’m still here and alive. I  took the past month as a little blogging break to figure out my personal and business balance (with a little traveling here and there).

You grow up dreaming as big as you can without putting any limits on yourself, then somewhere along the way you got to college and catch yourself withering away from your "dream job.” For many years I caught myself working at a company where I wasn’t fulfilled and didn’t know how to get out of the situation. But, it’s funny how God works.

One of the most real-life examples on how I saw God work in my life was when he shut the door of the company I was working at and literally forced me to ‘create.’ I took a moonshot and followed my passion to becoming a full-time blogger and online shop owner.

It’s funny how leaving your comfort zone can help you realize your own potential. I never thought that I would one day have my own business, but when you stop underestimating yourself, take risks and follow your passion you would be surprised at the outcome. Heck, if I can do it anyone can!

Is it easy? Heck no! It’s an around the clock job. It takes a lot of self discipline. I have to care more than anyone else because no one is telling me what to do. But, I have full faith that God shuts every door for a reason, and He has opened the doors where He wants open. Sometimes you have to be patient and have faith that it will all work out. Don’t ever loose hope, especially on your dreams.

PS - Feel free to email me ( if there is anyway I can help or share more of my story.